Who are our customers?

They are all of the following:

Owners of houses and apartments:

It is well known that the most serious is the floors in the bathrooms and kitchens, where they are at a high risk when wet, not to mention some types of smooth floors that are slippery even when it is dry. In addition to corridors, halls and main entrances. As well as the bathtubs and Jacuzzi tub. The floors are especially dangerous are around the swimming pool, stairs and thresholds.


Health and Sports Clubs:

The serious slipping accidents are concentrated in floors around swimming pool, steam rooms, bathrooms, corridors leading to them, stairs thresholds, Jacuzzi tub and main entrances. So that the Health and sports clubs can avoid lawsuits by customers in case of slipping accidents which lead to severe damage or paralysis or death through treating these risky areas.


Schools, kindergartens and nurseries:

Risk of slipping in these places lies in the floors of bathrooms, corridors and staircase thresholds, as well as the floor surrounding the swimming pool. Children are dear to their parents whom will not been satisfied to file a lawsuit to claim compensation resulting from the physical damage that may occur to children due to slips. That can be avoided by treating these sites and check on the safety of our children from the evil of these accidents.


Hospitals and clinics:

Diseases for which the patient entered the hospital are enough, there is no need for there to be danger of slipping waiting for him. Can be by treating bathrooms floors, bathtubs, and interior corridors, patient rooms, operating rooms and clinic rooms, avoid a lot of risks and lawsuits claim.


Government departments:

It is one of the places attended by important personalities in the country and their visitors, and is not proper to see these people in a difficult position because of accidents due to slipping. There is no comparison between the cost of treatment and prices of this type of luxury floors. And here comes the priority of safety before luxury, especially if the safety at a lower cost than the cost of luxury.


Restaurants and cafes:

They are divided into several types, including fast food restaurants, that are famous for fried meals, which could lead to accumulation and deposition of oil on the kitchen floor which is a risk to the kitchen workers and could lead to slipping accidents. Wait what! Treatment is cheaper than worker compensation! This also applies to coffee shops, which began to spread in Kuwait in the early twenty-first century, which are overcrowded with customers all the day, making it difficult to stop movement of customers on the floor during and after cleaning floors.


Factories and warehouses:

Mostly contains coated layers to absorb water, which helps floors to be a slippery with minimal moisture.


Why Slip-non?

The answer is simple! We are the only company in Kuwait and the Middle East, which treating floors to be non-slip without adding any solid materials or any change in appearance. Add to this that all the insurance of our services, we give for the quality and effectiveness of service issued by the primary manufacturer of the chemical substance we use.