How does it work?

The services we offer are the first of its kind in Kuwait and the Middle East and North Africa. It deals with various types of flooring and bath tubs to make them non-slip without adding any solid materials (as plastic or rubber).But through sophisticated methods of hidden eyes, and can not be observed or touch, where it does not change the beauty of the landscape of the various types of floors and bathtubs.

Is our service secure?

Yes! We are the only ones who ensure the quality of service for a period of not less than one year and up to five years.


How do you deal with us?

Call us or fill out the application through our website to contact you and determine the date of the visit for examination and treatment.


Why Slip-Non?

You may wonder now:

Do I need slip-non service?

Answer: prevention is better than cure! Not obvious to everyone that accidents caused by slipping, representing the highest percentage among hospitals in cases of accidents in the departments of surgery and bone what may lead to paralysis or death in many cases. Waiting what?! Follow the adage: Prevention is better than cure, protect yourself and who are dear to you from the evil of slipping accidents.

Do you actually are safe?

Yes! The surfaces that are processed are in fact safer when wet from the wet surfaces that have not been treated in dry! In addition, the percentage of safety (non-viability of slippery) up to a range from 200% to 400% after treatment when wet when comparing with it before treatment.

Is it worth the value paid?

Before answering this question, consider the losses resulting from a simple slip and fall on the back or head crash the floor! Which may results in serious bone fractures, or may lead to paralysis or death in some cases, not to mention the Lawsuits or financial compensation, which are very high in case of slippery of a customer in shops or restaurants.